Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Refining Nikkyo

Went to Beverly last night. These were used. I'll let you guess what for....

Beverly's new student is sort of like me in a way. He's about my age, had never done any martial arts before and started aikido. He seems to be doing fine. Should be interesting to see how he progresses.
We went through ikkyo and nikkyo. At the end we did a nikkyo to unbalance uke with some sort of throw for a finish. Perhaps you'd call it a tae waza? For the most part though we were all less interested in the throw and more interested in refining our nikkyo. Or should I say.... helping me refine my nikkyo.
There are many ways to get the nikkyo. I made a little bit of a revelation on this one. I thought that I wanted to use both hands for this one to apply pressure on the hand perpendicular to the wrist. The way I practiced it last night however I really wanted to do something more similar to the kind of nikkyo where you cut with the tegatana across the wrist down into uke's center. This was similar. Once I realized that the hand I was moving previously really wasn't the hand doing the nikkyo, everything got more effective. I did one side better than the other but instead of all the wiggling around looking for the right spot, I was able to just do the technique without a lot of fiddling. What I was trying to do previously was more similar to a floating nikkyo but up on my shoulder. I think it's a lot harder to get. At least it is for me right now. I'd like to practice that nikkyo again to get more time with it.
Different people have different sensitivities to various techniques. It was great having Matt as a partner for nikkyo because he gives excellent feedback. He won't instantly fold up at small discomfort. If you don't have a really good nikkyo, he won't move for you or bail out on the technique. Just excellent for learning. At some point it's important to get this kind of feedback so you don't become a victim of friendly ukes. It's too easy to become a legend in your own mind.
I remember my first posts complaining about uke's giving me too much resistance. Nowadays, I appreciate some amount at times. I'm definitely at a point that if I don't get the nikkyo on you.... I want to know it.


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