Friday, May 29, 2009

Shodokan Up On Facebook

Shodokan started a new Facebook page. There are a few photo albums up there. A few pictures of the old space torn up but the bulk are of the new space.

It's a public group for anyone to look at or join. Here is my attempt at a link that may bring you there.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sunday 5-24

Headed over to Shodokan. I guess we aren't doing Sunday morning classes as yet. I think Peter has been doing a lot of the construction on the weekends. I would have offerred to stay and help but just to get out of the house I had to impose on my father in law to watch the kids. I headed straight home and thanked him so he could go about his business for the day.

I would have liked to head to Beverly, but I didn't have the time and occassionally want to save the money anyway. Sounded like they had a very fun class though. I ended up doing TONS of stuff around the house this long weekend (eg. Put the tomato plants in).

Friday 5-22

I headed over to Shodokan for the early class. It was a very hot night. Alan asked us to keep to an easy pace. He then had us do hip throws for most of the class. We wrapped up with a suwari waza ikkyo ura.

For whatever reason my achilles tendon started acting up a bit so I opted to leave instead of staying for the second class. I can't afford to blow anything out.

Mats Down Temporarily

Monday 5-18

Work is ongoing in the new space but we've put mats down so classes can continue more comfortably. We did a lot of line work and set up two lines for it. It was fun. There was a good energy in class tonight.

I went to NSA right after to catch a second class. It's been a while so I have trouble remembering what we did that night. I think we worked on techniques that stressed ukemi practice. We did lots of breakfalls.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

No Practice Due to Family

There was a family event this weekend that made it impossible for me to get to a class today. Bummer. Had to be done though.

Open Mat Friday

Sean and I showed up for open mat night. He said he was going for 2nd kyu soon so we worked on test techniques for him. We worked on shomenuchi shihonage, yokomenuchi gokyo, and ushiro kubishime koshinage.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Open Mat Friday

Sean and I showed up after the first class ended so we kept ourselves busy. Since he plans on taking the 2nd kyu test soon we went over a few of the requirements. It was interesting working with him because he is someone with a bunch of other MA background.

We focused on the ushiro kubishime koshinage, shomenuchi shihonage, and for my sake we went over sankyo. With him I could get sankyo on both sides easily. I'm convinced that Erik has unusually strong wrists for sankyo. However... that just makes him the perfect person to practice on. If I can get a sankyo on him... I can get it on anyone.

The new dojo is coming along. The subfloor is in. The hardwood floor is about a third down. It's going to be quite nice when it's done.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Moving Uke

Went to NSA Monday night. Matt taught. It seems that when I look back at the techniques we(or at least I) were focusing on moving uke by taking his balance. For iriminage, enter, one hand on shoulder of uke, the other cupping uke's elbow. Draw uke forward off balance and then turn them around. Getting uke off balance was the focus here.

We also did a rodeo throw of sorts for a line technique. Uke grabs and you draw them in by dropping your elbow to your center, moving your hips back a bit to get them moving, draw the hand around to the outside as if doing a soto throw, raise it (and uke) up as you turn your hips to face the other way to get uke moving behind you. Turn back and finish with a throw.

We finished the night doing some basic work with the jo.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day?? Go Practice.

I got to a practice last night at NSA. Jim taught. Worked a bit on correct position for an ushiro sankyo. I had Erik as a partner for a good part of this. When I torque up his right hand I was having no problem getting a good sankyo. When I crank his left I wasn't getting nearly the amount of effect. I was trying to figure out if his left hand is just that much more flexible or whether I was just doing it less effectively on that side. I think it may be a bit of both. I started paying more attention and got a better sankyo on that side but not consistently. Jim was stressing body position and not leaving yourself open.
We also worked on a kotageashi from ushiro. This felt fairly natural as I think I've done this very same version with Pete on Sunday mornings.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Open Mat Friday

Dave, Kim, and I kept each other busy. Perhaps too busy in a sense as we cycled through a large number of possibilities....

Ikkyo, nikkyo, sankyo, yonkyo, gokyo, kotagaeshi, iriminage, udekimenage, koshinage, maki-otoshi (surprisingly... I didn't start this one), udekiminage, wakagatami, kokyunage, udegarami.

First we started off with a shomen strike and tried to respond. Then we moved on to yokomenuchi.

For my iriminage, I practiced leading uke around instead of using strength. For the nikkyo, I got to practice my latest way of doing it. It seemed to be quite effective. I'd like to see it on other folks as well though as some people are more sensitive to this then others.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Hang Your Uke

Caught a class at NSA. Matt taught tonight. We did a whole bunch of techniques. What I'd like to note though was a general theme Matt has. Frequently for techniques he is keeping his elbows down, his hands lined up with his center and moves you with his body. I need to look at this more.

The other thing I've been looking it is how for example Matt had us doing a nikkyo. By getting uke to lean on you a little, he sort of hangs himself on your arm. Uke wants to hold on because he is off balance which just reinforces the nikkyo. Very neat.

I guess that for now I am spending just as much time looking at my uke as I am looking at myself.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Got Some Practice In Sunday Night

I caught the evening class at North Shore Aikikai . I hadn't caught a Sunday there in a while. I met a couple of their newer folks. Both their newer folks were interesting to work with. I always talk about how you get real reactions from beginners. This pair was excellent for that. For katatetroi techniques one guy was regripping if you let him. So even if you get the grip you want by placing your wrist, if you delay at all, he will regrip and you lose it. He would also step if he wanted to get in a more comfortable position and spin out of shihonage naturally. I saw him doing this with another He has a really good sense on how to relieve the pressure. This means of course you have to do things as right as possible and with the best timing possible(no delays so he can't regrip).

The other newer person was even more interesting. She was watching what I was doing. How I was gripping, where I was stepping, even how I transitioned. We were just doing a simple ikkyo. Same side handgrab, do a shihonage start then move their arm back up into a circle for the ikkyo.

She seemed uncomfortable with this particular ukemi so there was a challenge here. Perform an effective ikkyo on someone who will move freely about without doing in such a way as to be trashing them. I asked her to tell me if she thought I was being too rough. In reality, I think I kept things at a good easy pace for her. Normally for ikkyo, if you move slowly enough, uke may move away from you and turn their back and you don't have an ikkyo any more.

I didn't want to speed anything up and give her more than her ukemi could handle. This meant that if she moved, I had to move to maintain our connection and body positions. It was good practice for me. The way she picks everything apart I wouldn't be shocked if she picks things up fast. I noticed a huge difference in her ikkyo, by the time we were done. And... I really gave no verbal cues. She got it all from watching.

The end of class we worked on some jo exercises. I like these. We don't do much of this in general so it's fun to see this once in a while. We just did some exercises moving the jo from one side to the other. The final exercise was...... holding the jo as if it were a bokken. Sliding one hand up it, flipping it over as we tenkan and end up in a hasso stance. Then center the jo and do a shomen cut to finish.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

No Class Friday Night

I first went to the new space... found that locked so I went to the old space. Turns out that Alan had done the exact same thing. We found out that there would be no aikido class Friday night. Looks like the old space is pretty much emptied out at this point.