Friday, May 15, 2009

Open Mat Friday

Sean and I showed up after the first class ended so we kept ourselves busy. Since he plans on taking the 2nd kyu test soon we went over a few of the requirements. It was interesting working with him because he is someone with a bunch of other MA background.

We focused on the ushiro kubishime koshinage, shomenuchi shihonage, and for my sake we went over sankyo. With him I could get sankyo on both sides easily. I'm convinced that Erik has unusually strong wrists for sankyo. However... that just makes him the perfect person to practice on. If I can get a sankyo on him... I can get it on anyone.

The new dojo is coming along. The subfloor is in. The hardwood floor is about a third down. It's going to be quite nice when it's done.


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