Sunday, June 07, 2009

Atemi Practice

Now that I think of it I never posted for the previous Friday night class. Last week we worked on a collar grab from behind. Sometimes it was a static grab. Other times it was a push or a pull from behind. It's good for sensitivity, and maintaining your balance.

We would step offline from the force and then turn with the hips for an atemi at the body. We would then do a technique from this positi0n. We were allowed some freestyle reaction to this toward the end of class.

This week's class. Mr. Mulligan filled in for Alan tonight for the early class. He brought out some pads that you wear on your arms to block strikes with. He has us practice reacting to uke's attack with a back hand to the nose or a swipe with the back of the fingers across ukes face.
Uke used the pads to block the strike and protect his face. This was fun to do. For so long we practice an atemi and never quite follow through. In the back of my mind I was wondering if I had to do this would my muscle memory take over and pull the strike some such that it is not useful. For the most part I will strike through depending on uke's skill level or intensity of practice.

I was doing pretty well on the backfist. I'm trying to make sure my wrist breaks at the right moment. My initial habit was to generate power by planting the back leg. Until someone says different I'm still doing that but I'm combining that with getting the round backfist motion going. I was striking the pad with some good effect.

The swiping of the back of the hand was a little harder at first for me. Once I started aiming for ukes face and not the pad itself (uke's suggestion) I was doing much better for this.

We changed partners a few times during the night. I got Serge toward the end. We were working on a yokomenunchi, practice an atemi and then do a technique. We were throwing each other around some. In some spots he stopped to tell me where he thought there was a hole in my technique. Turns out, after I cut uke's hand down, I lose kazushi. I need to be aware of this when I practice. I've felt it done correctly from many others. Now that I know about the problem I should be able to be mindful of it.


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