Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh My Nose

We did some good stuff tonight. We worked on morotetori kokyunage, ikkyo, nikkyo. Mostly did an attacker on each arm. The focus was trying to move correctly without using strength. Tough class in that sense.

I have no idea why but when I see Buddy, I react with a choke. I did a kokyunage for uke#1 and for uke #2 (Buddy) my simultaneous movement for him had him end up turning his back to me. I immediately slapped a choke on and positioned him between me and the other uke where I could see them both. He started tapping immediately so I think I had him pretty good. It was nothing I planned on doing. It was just there.

Towards the end of class I was taking ukemi and saw the other uke dropping in front of my head. I had my hand up to cover my head.... I didn't have my face properly covered. The second uke came down in front of me and somehow he slapped my face with his slap hand. I'm surprised I let someone get me like that (even as an accident). It didn't really hurt but I was sent off the mat by my partners and sensei to ice the nose down just in case. Turns out, it was probably a good idea. It actually bled a little which I didn't notice at first. Also, had my eyes tear up on the initial impact. If it were on the street I would have ignored it and kept going.

This is the second nose hit in the past few months. If I get hit again.... I may end up with a bad nickname or something. Just call me Marsha.

The above link is proof positive that you can find anything you want on the internet.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Glad it was a lighter class last night. My ukemi was fairly sucky. I wasn't getting hurt or anything but something wasn't right.

We did some tsuki sumi otoshi, ikkyo, nikkyo, a kokyunage, etc. It felt good to be on the mat regardless. My technique was feeling good. Had a good handle on nikkyo and everything.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Gone Fishing

I'll see if I can manage to post a pic or two. I was in Virginia and West Virginia on a fishing trip the past few days. Had a great time. Got to see bald eagles in the wild. Caught lots of fish.

I did get an email while I was away. Rumor has it that I missed seeing Larry Levitt Sensei who held a small seminar at Woburn. I would have liked to have gone. I didn't see any announcement on the dojo's website.

I looked him up on the web and think I found the dojo where he teaches regularly.

I noticed right off.... I swear I've seen Robert LaPalme a few times around at seminars.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Upcoming Seminar at North Shore Aikikai

I swear I had some minor food poisoning yesterday around lunch time. I pushed myself to get to a class at NSA last night. They reminded us of the upcoming seminar.

Should be excellent. I do have a family thing in that time frame but since nothing is set yet, I'll be trying real hard to go to the seminar. It's not often you are lucky enough to see these talented individuals teaching. It's near my house and inexpensive beyond belief.

Anyway.... last night was pretty laid back which is fine. Matt had us focusing on some basic movements. Towards the end of class we did a movement practice where we would all attack the guy in the middle at slow speed. Nage needed to focus on irimi and getting into good position for the next 'attack'. Felt a lot better after class.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Been To a Few Classes

Sunday morning was fun but quiet. Since it was just Chris and I attending, Peter joined in for a lot of monkey in the middle practice.

Did a bunch of techniques. Odd thing is.... the harder I was being thrown... the more I felt energized. At the end we were doing koshinage and some tai otoshi. The koshinage was feeling pretty good. I was moving really well and positioning myself nicely for it. I've seen tai otoshi in the past three classes or so. You'd think I was tired of it but nope..... after class I was picking it apart in my mind and now I want to do more so I can try out a couple of things to see how they feel.

Right now, my stomach is so upset, I'm not sure I'll hit class tonight. I think I have a minor case of food poisoning. Hopefully things will quiet down a bit so I can get to a class.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Can't Make Class Tonight

Lots of stuff going on lately, The previous weeks I missed some classes because I hurt my neck lifting some furniture. With some drugs and physical therapy I was back on my feet fast.

Tonight, I am forced to miss class for other reasons.

Ah well. Can't be helped.

Techniques and Breakfalls For Me

I got to attend a Bob class. It's been a while since I've been able to make that class. We warmed up. We started with some ikkyo ura. I worked on how much I want to push uke, trying to feel at what point I have him unbalanced enough to take him around. My timing was pretty decent for taking him down in a smooth manner.

Right after this Bob mixed up the students a bit. He asked Sam and I to work on 3rd kyu techniques with someone who is testing this month. Sam is just amazing to work with. So we worked on some of the techniques. Hopefully he'll get lots of mat time so he can work on stuff. Some of the techniques were no problem and others we focused more on for him. Meanwhile, I was trying to pick up what I could from what Sam was teaching. I like helping people for tests. Feels like I'm contributing when I help.

When I looked over the class was doing some kind of jodan tsuki sumi otoshi. There was a block and entry. Looked like fun. After class, Sam borrowed me for a couple of throws. Very fun ones as well.

I got off to NSA afterwards to catch Mike's class. It was breakfall practice night. We pretty much did line techniques for 80% of the night focusing on how to do a correct breakfall. They have one student in particular who really has got the experience to benefit. The beginner they had was actually showing some improvement but thats a pretty rough class for someone just starting out. I was wondering what he thought of it.

We got to do one of my favorites .... the tsuki taiotoshi. Mostly I'm working on leading uke well for this. I do a fair job at it most of the time for this particular throw.

Towards the end of class we did some shihonage. Diana and I practiced breakfalling a few times but kept it light for the most part.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Lot's Happened Since I Posted Last

The past few weeks I've been to classes..... except for last week. I had lots of fun in my classes. The Friday night class continues to be interesting with the freestyle. The last friday I came, I had Tony as my partner. We did the class and then at the end for the freestyle he did some VERY smooth judo throws. He has that big judo background. I'm glad they were smooth because they were pretty much full speed. I half expected it though as I can usually gauge his mood so I was ready for the ukemi. Mr. Mulligan commented that those were beautiful competition speed throws. Tony wouldn't do that throw to everyone so I take it as a compliment. By the same token I can actually do a technique without worrying about hurting him as his ukemi is very good. The same night I got to partner with Serge. He's usually pretty good for telling you if you have a hole in your technique. At the end of class we did suwari waza kokyuho. We've always done them as a warm down. Serge was saying that where he used to train they would do them for breathing practice. So... he then does kokyuho one right after another six times in a row. Then had me do it 6 times... then him. So you are keeping an interesting pace up. I was doing fine. He threw me thirty or forty times before class ended. I was actually fine for breath for that but I'm wondering what it would be like to do that for 15-20 minutes as he said he used to. That might be tough.

So I have a good workout and feel good. Then the next day my father in law asks me to move a piece of furniture. We had two choices... rather than the straight out the door choice he picked the circuitous route where we had to make a turn. I mentioned that the other way would be easier but he insisted..... so whatever. We take it out the side door around the corner and down the stairs. To make things harder, he wanted to walk it sideways so all the weight of the unit was pretty much supported by one shoulder.

That was the end of me for a week or so. No aikido, took it easy, got some meds from the doctor. My neck was in pretty bad pain. I have a habit of ignoring this kind of thing but it was so bad I headed right out. So... now a week or so has gone by. I was tortured because I wanted to go to aikido but was afraid to make things worse so I stayed out. My first class back was yesterday. I tried to take it easy. Things went well.

Peter had some interesting stuff for us to work on. Some of it which I had trouble in the past.... was easier this time around. Other parts... where I thought I was doing well... Peter mentioned a timing issue I was missing.

I look forward to going tonight.