Monday, July 20, 2009

Been To a Few Classes

Sunday morning was fun but quiet. Since it was just Chris and I attending, Peter joined in for a lot of monkey in the middle practice.

Did a bunch of techniques. Odd thing is.... the harder I was being thrown... the more I felt energized. At the end we were doing koshinage and some tai otoshi. The koshinage was feeling pretty good. I was moving really well and positioning myself nicely for it. I've seen tai otoshi in the past three classes or so. You'd think I was tired of it but nope..... after class I was picking it apart in my mind and now I want to do more so I can try out a couple of things to see how they feel.

Right now, my stomach is so upset, I'm not sure I'll hit class tonight. I think I have a minor case of food poisoning. Hopefully things will quiet down a bit so I can get to a class.


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