Monday, July 06, 2009

Lot's Happened Since I Posted Last

The past few weeks I've been to classes..... except for last week. I had lots of fun in my classes. The Friday night class continues to be interesting with the freestyle. The last friday I came, I had Tony as my partner. We did the class and then at the end for the freestyle he did some VERY smooth judo throws. He has that big judo background. I'm glad they were smooth because they were pretty much full speed. I half expected it though as I can usually gauge his mood so I was ready for the ukemi. Mr. Mulligan commented that those were beautiful competition speed throws. Tony wouldn't do that throw to everyone so I take it as a compliment. By the same token I can actually do a technique without worrying about hurting him as his ukemi is very good. The same night I got to partner with Serge. He's usually pretty good for telling you if you have a hole in your technique. At the end of class we did suwari waza kokyuho. We've always done them as a warm down. Serge was saying that where he used to train they would do them for breathing practice. So... he then does kokyuho one right after another six times in a row. Then had me do it 6 times... then him. So you are keeping an interesting pace up. I was doing fine. He threw me thirty or forty times before class ended. I was actually fine for breath for that but I'm wondering what it would be like to do that for 15-20 minutes as he said he used to. That might be tough.

So I have a good workout and feel good. Then the next day my father in law asks me to move a piece of furniture. We had two choices... rather than the straight out the door choice he picked the circuitous route where we had to make a turn. I mentioned that the other way would be easier but he insisted..... so whatever. We take it out the side door around the corner and down the stairs. To make things harder, he wanted to walk it sideways so all the weight of the unit was pretty much supported by one shoulder.

That was the end of me for a week or so. No aikido, took it easy, got some meds from the doctor. My neck was in pretty bad pain. I have a habit of ignoring this kind of thing but it was so bad I headed right out. So... now a week or so has gone by. I was tortured because I wanted to go to aikido but was afraid to make things worse so I stayed out. My first class back was yesterday. I tried to take it easy. Things went well.

Peter had some interesting stuff for us to work on. Some of it which I had trouble in the past.... was easier this time around. Other parts... where I thought I was doing well... Peter mentioned a timing issue I was missing.

I look forward to going tonight.


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