Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Upcoming Seminar at North Shore Aikikai

I swear I had some minor food poisoning yesterday around lunch time. I pushed myself to get to a class at NSA last night. They reminded us of the upcoming seminar.


Should be excellent. I do have a family thing in that time frame but since nothing is set yet, I'll be trying real hard to go to the seminar. It's not often you are lucky enough to see these talented individuals teaching. It's near my house and inexpensive beyond belief.

Anyway.... last night was pretty laid back which is fine. Matt had us focusing on some basic movements. Towards the end of class we did a movement practice where we would all attack the guy in the middle at slow speed. Nage needed to focus on irimi and getting into good position for the next 'attack'. Felt a lot better after class.


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