Sunday, August 16, 2009

Last Friday Night

Hot night so we kept an easy pace. Since it's been over a week I'm fuzzy on the details but I do remember two things. I was having some trouble doing a relatively simple technique. We switched partners. The partner I had me doing things 'his' way the last class had this technique down pretty well and I was able to use his correctness to do the technique correctly myself. Not an unusual occurrence. Just don't want everyone to think that one odd incident was the total of this persons practice. He does like to teach his way of doing things but he also gets a lot of things right.

For the freestyle portion at the end I had Buddy. He attacks so fast and with such committment that I at times end up doing something fast. One technique in particular I've done with Peter and with Mike teaching in the past. Yokomen attack, step into in front of uke and sort of catch and lead uke's strike as you go to both knees. If he uses your connection as a spot to breakfall out of you can float him by rising up and moving your center forward. It's a fast response. Perhaps not great to go to the ground but fun and frankly.... he was coming at me so fast that's what came out.

This was the last class before I took off. See next post for details.


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