Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Staying Sticky

Matt taught last night. We did some kind of ikkyonage and a few other line techniques that all involved staying sticky with your partner in some way. Using the stickyness to lead your uke off balance and then throw. Very challenging class.

I gave it a little thought and I think I know why on that staff technique people were falling a little funny. It was basically a nikkyo and a throw with a staff. After the nikkyo was completed, when uke bounces up, nage was moving the staff forward for the throw. Maintaining connection meant that uke took a step. So left hand has connection to staff, back is to staff.... but instead of going over staff, the staff moved along that line. Uke would take a step. All our weight is now on the right foot and because the staff was swooping for a foot sweep as well we wanted to breakfall but were in a weird position for it. For me.... I didn't land on my back but I did the breakfall on the wrong side and somehow corrected mid air. So I landed comfortably on my side. Others landed square on their back because it was a breakfall on the wrong side and the connection was still on the staff.


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