Sunday, August 16, 2009

Went To Baltimore Again

I drove the family down to the Baltimore area to see family and friends. Family had a blast.

Yes of course I took my gi. I went back to that dojo I hit last year.
This dojo is part of the ASU. The dojo's I regularly practice in are USAF affiliated.

What a great way to shake up the cobwebs. If you ever think you are paying full attention in class..... you aren't. Go to a totally different dojo especially in a different organization. I found myself paying attention to exact positions of feet, hands, and center. It was almost like starting over again.

Just like any dojo the instructors all have their different spin on things. This one was great. He was interested in showing effective atemi, effective techniques. One interesting difference I saw. Sometimes we do a hold down where you are on your knees, uke is lying down. You have your hand on uke's face and his other arm in an armbar on your knee with the other hand. Instead of an armbar threatening a break at the elbow, they showed a different method where nage's knee is on uke's face/neck(we've done this once in a while too) which is nice because I was actually getting a bit of a blood choke from it. The other hand was not threatening an elbow break. Instead, you turn uke's thumb up and then push the arm down. This supposedly weakens uke's grasp (if he's holding a knife). I'd like to play with that a little. I let go of the knife at the appropriate time but I couldn't tell how effective it was from that little exposure. I didn't want to test/resist my partner as I didn't want to confuse things. I figured I could try it at home some day with the understanding that I just want to feel it.

I'm looking forwarding to getting on the mat tomorrow night.


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