Monday, September 28, 2009


Maybe have gone to 6 or so classes since I posted last. Things have been quite busy.

Last class I attended was Mr. Mulligan's Friday night class. We worked on the sky hand for tenchinage quite a bit. I had a tough partner at that point. He wouldn't take a lead unless it was really strong. Which is fine. I just had to make sure I was doing things well. We also did an ura version. I noticed that I was too far away from uke at first. Once I kept tight to uke my ura version was looking better.
At one point my uke forgot what attack to do and instead of a yokomen strike I ended up receiving a tsuki. Without thinking about it I tenkan'd and laid my hand on his. At that moment I was headed toward a kotagaeshi response. We stopped at that point as he realized he had done the wrong technique and there was no need to go further with it.

A couple classes ago I got to Bob's Monday night class. We did quite a bit of movement exercises. Lot's of moving through multiple attackers. I noticed I had some improvement just doing it a couple of times. Good to practice.

The past few classes I've been getting serious intent from a couple of my partners. There was one night where I had Kim as my partner. After doing the technique, I was headed toward the mat but felt incredible intent on the back of my head and covered it as I went down. I'm not sure why I felt this but I did. Sure enough, he was using his arnis experience to follow the technique with a strike to the back of the head (he didn't actually make contact). On another occassion I had something similar happen where I could really feel my uke's intent. This doesn't happen all the time, but it happened a few times this past month. I'm wondering how much if it is my being more aware vs my uke's being more in the moment.


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