Saturday, October 03, 2009


Yep... thats all I have to say.

Yokomenuchi, shomenuchi, tsuki. Iriminage for a whole class. I've been out a week or so. I have no idea if it's all the classes I've been missing lately or me just getting more out of shape but I was sucking wind badly in parts of the class. When you do nothing but iriminage for a whole class you are constantly getting up and down. Good aerobic workout. Maybe if I just do something basic like this for a couple more classes I'll be able to get my wind back.

The only thing notable was my uke doing a tsuki and instead of me just entering behind him I guess I was tired and without thinking much did a tenkan, hooked his arm, pulled him around with an atemi to the face. Since we were focused on iriminage, I then used my arm to bring his up , entered behind him and completed the technique. Alan happened to be watching at that moment and liked it enough that he had us all do that one next. Funny.

At one point Sam and I were working on offbalancing uke so that minimum strength is needed to send him down to the mat. Good practice for both nage and uke.

We did a freestyle at the end of class where we were supposed to answer any attack with an iriminage.

Quite a while ago I landed on my thumb and sprained it. It's gotten so much better that I actually have some strength in it now. I purposely work it a little during the day and stretch it gently to try and keep the joint happy.


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