Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sunday at NSA

Matt taught. He showed us more stuff he picked up from the Tissier seminar. The short version is that the techniques are similar but where pressure is applied or off balancing may be different. For example... we did a version of ikkyo where rather than having one hand on the wrist and another on the elbow and shoving uke's elbow through his face.... instead we went more to the side with the ikkyo. For ura, instead of bringing the arm to your center and doing your tenkan... you sort of meet uke's strike(assuming shomenuchi) as if going sword to sword and cut uke's arm down as you tenkan. That's the best that I can do to describe it at this point. Maybe after working with it more I can give a better description of the differences.

We did an interesting ukigosh. Uke attacks you end up in a nikkyo but instead of the arm being parallel to the floor you let uke's arm drop down. Now when you get the nikkyo, uke is forced backwards instead of down to the ground. So, you move uke back, get in front of him and do an ukigosh. I had some problems as my partner wasn't giving me anything. So if I didn't do it right, it wasn't going to work at all.

Hmmmm remember doing some shihonage too.


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