Monday, October 19, 2009

What Technique Uses This?

Ok.... saw these pulled out again at NSA last night...
I'm sure I've been to a bunch of classes that I neglected to write about. One of the more interesting ones that I recall was Mr. Mulligan running a Friday night class at Shodokan where he wanted to experiment a bit with us. He had us doing uchi kaiten a couple of times in a row before doing a technique. Not sure what his reason for doing this was but it was fun to do. After a while I think I got something smooth looking going. Could be he wanted to see if we could put two things together in a row.
Last night's class at NSA was taught by Matt. We did some basic movement exercises. Did some ukemi practice such as falling over a jo...etc.
One technique which is good for larger nage's. You relax, tanshin and pull uke way forward with your center to throw with a hand to the hip. Not sure what you'd call it. Reminds me of some form of maki-otoshi? No idea.
Another cool technique where you start off with a wrist grab, nage breaks the grip if there is one and grabs the wrist as he also grabs the top of uke's arm(gi) with the other hand. You do a tanshin taking uke with you, lift it up and around as you pivot almost wrapping uke around your other side then hip bump out. The motion for uke pretty much keeps uke moving forward the whole time, after the pivot, uke's foot is weighted as nage brings the arm across. For nage... the motion reminds me much like some kind of weapons movement. You sort of gather uke in and thrust him out(extend) as you slide forward. The gathering in starts uke's breakfall, the thrusting forward just floats them out as they fall.
My favorite part of this was we were just practicing the off balancing aspect and I was doing something. Then... Matt called for us to throw and I simply locked up. Had to feel it again before the brain freeze went away.
The last technique was the 2nd kyu ushiro kubishime koshinage. It's been a long time since I did this one. With a few pointers I was able to clean this up a bit. One side felt really great... the other side was just ok to start with but I improved it as I went along. I was figuring out what I was doing different. Eric gave me some feedback as to how he thought it felt. Some koshinage are difficult because of the sprained thumb. I don't have my grip strength back yet on that hand. It's improving though.


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