Thursday, November 19, 2009

Congratulations... Yay.... Splat

I got to two classes Monday night. Bob taught at Shodokan. We started with lots of back stretches. Bob stressed taking ukemi properly and the various reasons to do so. We moved on to a katatetori ikkyo. We did a few other techniques.... At the end we did some suwari waza kokyuho. I paired up with one of the students from the beginners class. We did a few and then he decided to use some amount of strength on me to see what I'd do. It was fairly easy to go around it(I just softened up) and do the exercise. He wasn't using his full strength though. Sometimes when you get someone really trying to muscle you around it's a little harder to find the path around it without using strength yourself.

For second class I went over to North Shore Aikikai. The past few classes Mike has been stressing aspects of ukemi. He had us practicing rolling on a line to get an idea of how much in control we really are. Seems that for forward rolls I'm fine but my backward rolls could use a little tweaking. Oh... I roll fine... it's just that you should be able to roll along a line backwards in a very deliberate manner.

For class, Mike had us form lines for a few techniques. If I start to remember them I'll edit this post and put them up. One of them was jujinage, another was udekimenage. Others were done.

At the end of class, Mike made the formal announcement that the testers had all passed. So at the end of class we all did a celebratory throw on each of them. Mike did some kind of throw where they landed at his feet. From what I remember Di did a nikkyo leading to a hip throw on them. I did a tai otoshi.


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