Friday, January 08, 2010

Am I Progressing? Can't Tell Lately.

Seems like I've had lots of challenging classes lately. Early in the week it was lots of new techniques which really pushed the ukemi envelope at times. Tonight it was a mixed bag.

I caught both classes at Shodokan tonight. Alan teaches the early class. We started with suwari waza ikkyo. Then.... we just did koshinage for the rest of the class. I had one of our newer folks. He's been around for a few months. He improved vastly. He still doesn't give a committed shomenuchi attack but his hip throw was excellent on one side. The other side was a little messed up but some of it was because he was practicing with a bad ankle. So he did what he could. I tried to throw him a bit but had to get him to hold on to my gi or hook my arm. So... I get him to grab my gi and he says to throw him. Just as I'm reaching to grab that arm to support him, the grab hand he had on me disappeared. He let go of me entirely. He said he landed on his hip but it looked hard to me. I don't think he slapped and since there was no connection to nage. Ah heck.

The second class was taught by Mr. Mulligan. He had us doing all kinds of exercises. He was emphasizing softness for some techniques. One was a two hand grab leading to a kokyunage. You brought one hand up (I chose to lead uke forward a bit here). You then step in and pivot, bring your hand forward and down. Go down to one knee backwards a bit so you complete the circle. Uke may feel this as being whipped out and then undercut.

We did some tenchinage and ura version of it. We also did a hip throw that started from the two hand grab.

I made some mistakes I was aware of..... some mistakes I was not aware of... and who knows what else.

I did get one break. There was one partner I had who is a big guy who regularly was dragging me over his back for hip throws the past few months. Finally at least for this class, he started throwing me on his hip instead. It was a welcome relief. I don't know who was working with him but I have someone to thank.

Thats all for now. Kinda tired after the two classes.


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