Monday, January 11, 2010

There's That Technique Again

Peter had an excellent class Sunday morning. We did a variety of techniques from a shomen attack. Peter continues encouraging us to attack from whatever side to whatever hanmi. Your foot position shouldn't be a problem when dealing with an attack.
In fact, for many techniques, I don't even need to pay much attention to this. During one class someone attacked the same side twice even though I had a different hanmi. After we finished he commented that he wanted to attack me on my other side and it was then that I realized that I didn't really care what side he attacked on. My foot position had changed but his attack hadn't. This is good at least.

One of the last techniques was similar to the twisty hip throw that was done Friday night in Alan's class. I think Peter liked it enough that he wanted to try that one out more. Although he is an instructor he will often mix in with this group taking ukemi and allowing us to feel the technique from him. After this one we did a quick shomen one where nage pretty much just moves in for the hip throw as uke strikes. It's very fast and really needs a good committed attack to help it out.

Great class. Felt warm and fuzzy for the rest of the day.


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