Monday, January 04, 2010

Twisty Hip Throw

We had a good amount of snow come in. However, since NSA is excellent at communicating with the students I knew that they would be having a class. They broadcast class closures via email and even have gone so far as to call once in a while if they felt it necessary.

So, I headed over to North Shore Aikikai last night. I had a very challenging class. Rob taught. For the most part the techniques began with a kaitenage like start. In fact... part of the class we did do some kaitenage. But... rather than pivoting your hips we were doing a tenkan.

There were two techniques that stand out in my memory.

One was some kind of kokyunage? It's similar to one I've done with Peter. Not sure why I was having issues with it. You start out with the bringing uke's arm around as if there was a kaitenage happening but you don't capture the neck/head with your hand. You slide in with a foot, draw uke toward you, go down to one knee and do the throw.

The other technique was a koshinage. I've actually done this once, many, many months ago in one of Rob's classes. The first time I did this, I only got the throw down pretty much at the end of class on my last throw. This time, I had more aspects of it right quicker but I still need work on it. You start off the same with the kaitenage like cut down of the hand, bring it around and up, at the top you grab the wrist, while this happens, uke is getting up because nothing is holding his head down. As he comes up the other hand goes for uke's other wrist so you can turn them a bit for better position. Now.... you step between uke's feet as you would normally for a hip throw, but know you just pivot all the way around. As you turn, uke gets wrapped around you and will go over your hip. If you do it correctly the throw requires no strength.

It seemed that most of last night I was getting different aspects of the various techniques correct. One time I'd get the feet right and the hands were wrong... or the hands were right but my posture wasn't as good as it should be....etc. Some the of the throws, whether right or wrong felt really good though.

For whatever reason, I woke up today with a lot of very worked muscles. I feel like I need to stretch in a big way. I've done so a couple times today but the feeling remains. The only problem I have is that for one throw someone was trying to be nice and support me for the breakfall. Unfortunately, they didn't allow enough of my body to sink down which was actually harder on me then just letting me go. I think my elbow ache is from being stretched out from that.

At one point in the class I was being thrown high on someone's back and frequently when this happens I have a habit to touch or lightly grab nage for a reference point. Somehow.... I have no idea how.... I grabbed his gi.... and inside that gi was .... a nipple. I knew instantly what I had done and let go as soon as possible so my turning over in a breakfall would not result in a torture of twisting.

Anyway... It was a great class.

Almost used my aikido outside the other day. I was walking into a building when I slipped on some ice. I ended up recovering my balance but after, I looked down and realized I had extended and unbendable arm and was ready to take ukemi without even thinking about it. Considering how fast slipping occurs that was pretty good.


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