Monday, February 08, 2010

Ikkyo and Counters

Friday night I went to Alan's class. Alan had us doing suwariwaza ikkyo for quite a while. It was good practice to be on our knees. I had a taller partner for that so as a result I had to move a little further for the pin. I had to take whole steps to get there.

After a while he stood us up for more ikkyo. We did something else as well but it's been a few whole days so I can't quite recall what that was.

A day or so ago I look at my wife and say..... I feel like someone has been punching my tricep. She said, "Aikido". I said... nah... we don't really punch there or anything... then I realized the ikkyo class. The partner I had was a strong guy with a strong pin. A few times he varied it a bit(experimenting I think) and was on the muscle. Didn't even notice it until much later. It showed up as a dull ache. My wife says I'm so used to being beat up I don't remember when any of it happens.

I couldn't attend the second class. I had to be home. Bummer. From what I understand I missed a cool class from Mulligan focused on blending and really subtle stuff. At least this is what I was told by a fellow student. I couldn't resist asking what I missed.

We started off with a few exercises to do some back stretches.

Warmed up with a line of kaitenage and so forth.

After.... we did a ryotetori start. We did a kotageashi here. But... instead of the usual reverse kotagaeshi you might think to do here, Peter had us doing a different one. There was a hand change. So you had to bring the hand up as you'd expect, pluck the hand off with your other hand, take the original grabbed hand and grab the wrist and get a kotagaeshi grip then use your other hand, tenkan as normal. Ok.... sound good? Now try it the way Peter was showing it. DON'T just pluck the hand off to do the hand change. You have to do the hand change while staying sticky the whole time. Never lose contact and rotate the hand around to get your hand in the correct position.

Then we did a ryotetori shihonage. No surprise there. Did omote and ura.

Toward the end of class we practiced some reversals. One was a shomen attack, uke responds with an ikkyo and nage counters with a kotagaeshi. I had the darndest time with this one until I realized I was just moving with my feet in the wrong direction. Once I figured that out (after some help from Peter and my partner) I was able to do the technique correctly.

At one point Peter asked us to strike with more intent and try to do the ikkyo with more intent. Don't let the reversal just happen because we are trying to be 'nice' to our partners. This is a group of experienced folks so he was expecting us to ramp up a bit. It had repurcussions though. I actually managed a proper ikkyo on my partner. Nage wasn't able to reverse mine easily. I was thinking that some of the reason might be because I don't grab the arm right away. By the time I actually do grab your arm I have you off balance already.

Then Peter called for us to line up at end of class and I was shocked that it was over.


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