Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Friday Night / Sunday Morning

Friday night was a bit of a test. We did the sword disarms we did the previous week. He asked us to do them without showing us anything. I actually remembered all three disarms but not necessarily some of the subtle points. Mr. Mulligan suggested we take some time to practice these midweek to try and help us remember them. Then... he added two more. What did he add? The first one was actually the same as the first one but from uke's right side. The problem with it is, instead of being able to just stick your hand on the hilt and go from there you have to sort of snake it in between uke's arms. The second one was to move in to uke's left, reach under and grab uke's right arm as high as you can, grab the sword with the left and then throw. Reminds me a bit of seoi nage.

We had someone show up who typically doesn't show for Sundays. We did a normal good class of course. The one bit that was eventful at least in my mind was that Peter called for a koshinage. My partner's ukemi has always been so so. I've asked him in the past if he wants help with it as I think I can relate to exactly whats going on. He's refused for some reason.

I did some lifts with him. Peter immediately came over to help with his ukemi a bit. I'm pretty careful nowadays. I've had too many people not hook, or otherwise grab me to protect themselves. So I spent some turns doing lifts. I tried to get him to firm his center up a bit so he doesn't drape over me. At the end he said ok... throw me. So I moved in, things felt great, so I threw him. He did a terrific fall. I asked him after how he felt and he said it was 'like nothing'.



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