Saturday, February 13, 2010

Whoa.... I Remembered Something

Awesome night for this kind of stuff. For whatever reason my left knee is a bit sore. Feels great after I warm up a bit and mostly during practice. I definitely think it's getting better. I'm guessing that within a week it should be back to normal.

Tahitori night for sure. I went to two classes at Shodokan last night. Bob taught for the first class. We started just by practicing our irimi. We did a few knife disarms and then some sword disarms for the class. The tougher sword disarm was one that involved using a sankyo. The other ones I had done before and was ok with them. Oddly enough the tanto disarm using sankyo is easy. Fr the sword however, I always felt as though I had to work to get my hand in the correct position for the sankyo.

Second class was taught by Mr. Mulligan and a real fun one. He also did some sword disarms. We did three in his class. One was to enter on uke's left, tenkan and match uke's stance. Raise your arm as you come in to match his sword going up. As he comes down, put your hand down on the hilt/handle between uke's hands, rotate out a bit, get your elbow under uke's elbow, raise the sword in kind of an unbendable arm feel, and move forward to throw.

The second one was to enter on the same side but instead of doing a tenkan, you are more or less facing uke, grab the hilt with the left hand, simultaneously, raise the hilt up as you use your right hand on their face to push it up and back(move forward).

The third one was to enter weakly on uke's right. So you turn your back to him as you come in. Turn all the way around, put your right hand on the hilt, raise it up as you do a kokyunage thing with your elbow under his chin.

These are more or less the 3 we did in the second class. We also did a couple of other techniques so it wasn't all sword work. One was something I'd never even seen before. It was very cool. Sensei referred to it as kote mawashi. I have yet to find a youtube of it. It was nikkyo with a different twist(insert laugh track here).
You get a nikkyo so uke's arm is upside down. The hand is down. The pressure for the nikkyo is up. However, what you do with it is lead uke forward to continue his forward momentum. So he is led forward and then you pivot in place and throw by pushing uke out with this control. Very neat. This took some practice. One side I had a good lead, the other needs work.

The other technique I remember us doing is some kind of kokyunage. I've done it before but it's been a while. You end up whipping uke out while going down on one knee. After some tweaks I managed to get this going pretty well.

One thing about these classes is that for the most part I was constantly improving as I went on. Whether from suggestions from the sensei or from my own noticing things (myself or my partner) I was generally making good adjustments.

Towards the end of class, Mr. Mulligan had us do the three sword disarms. For some off reason I remembered them fine for the most part. Again I made an adjustment or two as I went but I had no problem remembering the basic technique. A far cry from other nights.


At February 14, 2010 6:50 PM, Anonymous Dy said...

Kote Mawashi is nikyo. It means,
"wrist in-turn".

At February 15, 2010 1:37 PM, Blogger Poxbox said...

I figured as much as I did my web search for it. I can now relate how this one started.

It was a tsuki attack, nage enters with a tenkan, takes uke around (possibly using back pressure) and then does the nikkyo, continuing to lead uke forward....etc.


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