Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Another Freestyle Practice

Bob taught the first class at Shodokan. I seem to remember doing lots of iriminage. At one point we did the suwari waza version. I had one side that was slightly better but this improved overall for some reason. I found that doing a tenkan for this technique easier than it used to be. At the end of class we were doing moretetori kokyuho. My partner at that point asked me to give him lots of resistance. He tends to give lots himself when he is uke so he is fun to practice with. I went real slow at one point to let him feel what I was doing as he said he wanted to 'watch'.

Headed over to North Shore Aikikai afterwards.
Mike had us do another round of freestyle practice. This time instead of tsuki, he had us attacking with yokomenuchi. The responses were any direction for shihonage and udekimenage. One thing I realized right away was that for me, ura versions of either of these techniques feel very similar. Yet the ukemi is in a totally different direction. That makes it particularly hard on uke when you are going at any speed. I was super concerned about my elbows for this one.

I found it much more difficult to aim my uke's with shihonage than with anything we've done so far. I did ok for my turn. People were pressing me less which was probably necessary for this one.

It just goes to show that depending on the responses is how dynamic the freestyle can be. Last week was more dynamic. I think if we did kotagaeashi it could have opened up the freestyle some(as most of us would breakfall for it).


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