Monday, March 22, 2010

Had a Week Off

Had to take a week or so away from aikido. I went to a class on Friday and caught Sunday's class. Friday, Bob had us doing shihonage among other things. I really tried changing things a little bit to see how different approaches would affect things. I didn't feel up to taking the second class but I did decide to stay and watch.

I almost fell asleep in my chair watching a couple of times. I've been run ragged last week and it was showing. Most of the stuff I'm pretty sure I would have done without too much issue. There were one or two things being done that would have been very challenging for me. The best part was watching Tony beat the tar out of someone else for a change (in this case Dave). At the end of class was a freestyle chunk of time and that usually means hip throws, seoinage and so forth for Tony.

Sunday we did lots of techniques from a 2 handed grab. Nikkyo, kotagaeshi, shihonage, udekiminage. The kotagaeshi I found odd. Keep in mind we are doing the techniques to either grabbing hand. So I couldn't remember exactly how Peter got to a kotagaeshi position for both hands. I ended up making up all kinds of ways. All of them made sense. Some were more direct, some were less direct but more sticky as I had to get my hand around to the right spot. Peter let me flounder around for a while. I think sometimes he's just interested in seeing what I'll come up with. I hit one that apparently is a common way and he mentioned it. I did that one a few times before moving on to the next attempt at a version. I never did figure out which version he was doing. I swear I thought I was paying attention. Really!!

I guess I've been spending a lot of time lately changing little things to see what works best.


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