Friday, March 05, 2010

More Sword Disarms

I was only able to make it to the later class tonight. We went through the 5 sword disarms we covered in the past couple of weeks. We added 3 more. I was remembering most of the details from the previous ones. Somtimes it took several tries before I remembered some little detail.

As for the new ones. One was just to come in and do a kotagaeshi. The second involved raising the hilt while using the other hand to support the back of the blade as you cut up through uke. The third technique that I remember was a sankyo. You had to raise the hilt up as you slid your other hand under uke's wrists. Bring everything up towards you and reach up for the sankyo grip. Have to remember to stand in front of uke for this.

After this we did some tenchinage a couple of different ways. We also worked on affecting uke's posture with small hand movements getting uke to actually fall. One of the simpler ones was to draw uke in just a bit and lay the back of your hand onto uke's wrist, (out to the side). Use very little strength and uke will still fall.


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