Monday, April 05, 2010

Yay.... Chokes

We don't do these very often but we got to do some chokes Friday night. Call me strange, I enjoy these classes. For the most part we are shooting for blood chokes, not wind chokes.

Also, we were doing a simple kokyunage. The same kind of windmilling crap you see when people do their randori parts of their test. After doing a quick line or two of this, sensei had us throwing someone and moving around a bit. For me, this was relatively easy to do because of the randori that NSA was having us do a month or so back. One thing I may want to change though. For some of my techniques, especially if there is a pivot of the hips, I frequently drive off of what becomes my back foot. I'm wondering if I want to try and drive less. If I do less, I'm wondering if I'll be faster because my stance will be different. The question is, will uke still move because they are off balance enough or not? What habit do I want to try and cultivate?


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