Thursday, May 06, 2010

Friday/Sunday Practice

Friday night I went to class. Bob had us working on tenchinage and tenchinage reversals. We moved on to something I haven't done in a while. Uke goes to grab, nage steps back drawing uke forward and as nage goes to one knee, moves his arms in a circular fashion attempting to draw uke out and down. Scooping the leg is optional. After a while of this Bob had us practice an exercise where ukes grab either arm, nage falls backward and ukes roll out. This particular exercise had me pretty nervous. Not everyone in the class that day can roll straight every time. So I adjusted my timing so I had a chance to react or at worst would roll away at an angle intentionally so that I could be safer. After this was done we went back to the original exercise. The thought was that we should have the same feeling to move uke.

Sunday morning was fun. One of the regular weekday guys showed up that doesn't normally do Sunday mornings. Peter kept us quite busy with various techniques. My favorite being the otoshi he did at towards the end of class. What a shock, eh?


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