Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rolling Around On The Mat Is Fun

So we do our stretching and a short version of ukemi. We then start in on last weeks thought. Basically we did ogoshi. We paid particular attention to different aspects. Off-balancing uke, sliding in and down in one motion. Making sure we don't leave our hands behind and then completing the throw.

After some fine tuning we moved on with another thought. What if in the process of the throw uke were to grab at you and pull you down with them?

Mike had us learning a move where we sprawl and attempt to land flat and on top of uke. From there we pin uke's face to the mat by scraping the arm/elbow across it and pinning it down. You then rotate around and end up on top of uke's upper body with uke on his back. Your sort of in a N-S position I guess. You rotate to the point where you are squishing uke's head some. Your arms them go above uke's arm and on each side of his body so you can control him.

I had a blast doing this. Since I have exactly zero judo experience I'll try and mess around with anything. On one run my nage sprawled on top of me but I could feel his weight distributed to one side so I took advantage of it and rolled us over so I could be on top. My judo familiar nage instantly slapped some kind of odd hold on my head. Between my roll and his reaction I actually lost track of up and down for a moment. Still.... it was a blast.

On another run I had a larger, very inexperienced nage. He pulled me down but when he went to do the hold down part was being way nicer than he should have been. My head wasn't squished much at all. I heard Mike told me to try and move around a bit. My nage was able to control when I went left or right. At one point I was able to roll up and get my hip rotated over but all I think that would lead to is nage on my back if he knew what he was doing. Not exactly an improvement. Still.... I know nothing about judo and I wanted to experiment with seeing what was possible.

Seems to me that you need to have a certain body awareness for judo. Not just your own but sensing the balance in your partner as well.

Anyway.... this was all very fun. Between the two dojos I go to I see judo stuff maybe a few times a year. Anything resembling a grappling chess match is uber fun. Hopefully we do this again.


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