Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer Is Here

I got to the dojo tonight. I hang about..... and no other regular students show up for first class. So it's just me and the two people currently moving through our beginners program. This is unusual for a Friday night. I figure it's just too nice out or something. People make plans.

So for the first class I helped with the beginners here and there. I warmed them up and started some forward rolls. Mr. Mulligan worked with them to try and get their rolls to be a little better. After a while he moved them on to nikkyo. Then Mr. Mulligan asked me to work with them some and see if I can get their nikkyo going.

One of the hardest things for nikkyo when you are just starting out is getting the angles just right. So for now I kept it simple for them. I tried to get them to get the familiar Z in the arm but I also tried to get them to keep that arm parallel to the floor. When the whole mess is parallel no adjustments have to be made. The nikkyo is easier to get. At least, this is what I have them doing as beginners. When they have a feel for it them they can adjust the angles as need be. They were nailing it each other pretty good. Each one was feeling pain and needed to tap. Cool. I gave some instruction on how to take ukemi to relieve the pressure and reminded them to tap when necessary.

Second class was better attended. We did irimi entry where we move in with arms raised and unbendable. We went through ikkyo, nikkyo, and so forth.... did wakagatami, shihonage and kotagaeshi. The wakagatami was interesting. I had Alan as a partner. He was taking multiple steps. I moved like crazy when taking ukemi to make sure I didn't get a lot of pressure.

We did other stuff and ended with a kokyunage.


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