Thursday, June 17, 2010

Worked With Gary Some

As usual, I missed blogging here for a few classes. I did however recently skip a class or two. I didn't go to Sunday morning or 1st class Monday.

On Friday at Shodokan, Sam ran a nice session for us. We got to play with a tai otoshi which I always loved. After class Mr. Mulligan noted how hard I planted Sam. I told him it was because he has great ukemi and could take it and.... more importantly his attack was so strong I took that as a signal to go ahead and throw. Truth be told, I didn't use really any strength at all. I had the timing down well. For everyone else in line I tend to hold back and only give them what they indicate on their attack and since I know them all... never push them to the limit of their ukemi.

After class Gary asked me to stay for a little bit so he could work on some suwari waza. Most of it was ushiro. So I'd run around, grab the shoulders and he'd come up with something.... then I'd come around again.... and again.... I was getting up quickly and giving him constant attacks. Nice workout for me. Gary was psyched he got some extra practice in.

Monday night I went to North Shore Aikikai. Jim taught his brand of practical aikido. We are so used to people moving certain ways. I had one of the newer folks. The attack called for nage to tenkan and pull uke around. New people frequently won't turn to face you. If this happens in real life then you are good to go. You can do any number of things to him while his back is turned or just run away real fast.

However, if you are trying to do a technique with or without uke's active coorperation then you need to do a little more work. Jim had us trying out a different way to pull uke around. Pulling closer to the upper arm then the lower. Keeping your bodies close to each other. This way you can really yank him around. When we did taiotoshi we focused more on throwing out and letting uke trip over that extended foot. It was hard for me to throw out instead of down.

I asked them about pinning while I was there. The fact of the matter is that I probably never changed how I pin people. It's just that I became aware of what I thought was a hole in the process. If you have a hole during a pin then you give uke an oppourtunity to get up. Always analyzing something.


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