Thursday, July 15, 2010

Deja Vu..... Or Maybe Not

Ok... so Monday was amusing. I went to Shodokan. We started off with some backstretches, went to iriminage and then moved to aikio toshi. Had a good class.

After that I went to North Shore Aikikai. We did backstretches, iriminage, and then we did sumi-otoshi. Ok... so it wasn't exactly the same but it was.... and yet... it wasn't.

This is the best part of seeing other instructors points of view on a given technique. You can have the same exact technique but when I see it done a couple of different ways it will at times get you to thinking, what part of this works and what part doesn't for you.

Rob taught the class at NSA. For the sumiotoshi I tend to take the arm and move someone at that point with my whole body. It can feel clunky in some ways but since I have extension, and am using my whole body and not arm strength I always regarded it as the way to do it. Somewhere after feeling Robs version I realized that there is another way. You lead uke more which requires less effort (even if it's minimal effort using ones body) by offbalancing uke more. It's definitely softer. Just as I threw Rob on one occassion I realized how jarring that was to uke in comparison. I didn't quite know why. When Rob made the rounds again he demonstrated the difference and this time I picked up on it and used more unbalancing. Now.... there is nothing particularly wrong with how I was doing it before but it lacked a certain amount of subtlety or softness.


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