Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What Was That?

On Sunday mornings the Arnis class runs at the same time on the wood floor. Usually, I hear music and smell incense burning and so forth. Last Sunday I am warming up doing ukemi practice when out of the blue I hear....

"Grab that weapon like a naughty circus monkey"

What are they doing back there?

The rest of sunday's class was good stuff. Peter had us do some kaeshi waza (reversals). Although in the past I remembered doing these before but for some reason I was really stiff as I did the reversal. I tried to soften up a bit.

Monday night I went to North Shore Aikikai. We started with our ukemi practice. We did some tsuki sumi-otoshi. Then we moved on to other things. My favorite of which was a cross between a tae waza and a kokyunage. Yokomen attack. Nage matches uke by stepping in at an angle. Your hands go to the inside of uke's elbow and arm. Allowing uke to complete the swing you encourage the attacking arm to continue in the same direction. Then you bring the arm down and back (you go to one knee and slide back on it). This forms the circle that uke will follow. I love this technique.

From there we did kotagaeshi, iriminage, and other things. All of them flowy and effortless.... at least if you do them like Mike is showing them.


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