Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lots of Resistance Lately

I've had a couple partners doing the resistance thing lately. It's actually good practice. One of them was interesting. After something like a kotagaeshi he will attempt to spin around and get up right after he hits the floor. I've been ignoring it but I think I'll gently show him why turning his back to me isn't such a hot idea. So far I've done things like let him get up because I have his hand and immediately do another kotagaeshi or something but he's not taking the hint. During class last time I actally did pin his shoulder down to stop the rolling around business.

In class last night we did some sensitivity training. Basically when uke comes in with a push or pull to react with one or two techniques. I frequently find it hard to limit my responses to just the 'expected' ones. Sensei kept saying to not worry so much about the technique. He was wanting us to just feel and react. However, forcing me into a particular movement actually is harder than just sticking me there and saying, just react. Still.... we are supposed to be able to control ourselves so I did my best to keep it to sensei's responses.

I have an interesting new injury. For whatever reason, when I'm down on my left knee at an angle I get what feels like nerve pain right in the knee. Sort of below the kneecap. Doesn't hurt at any other time. So basically, backwards rolls on one side will hurt it or when I get up off the floor from a technique and my body is not squared up.


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