Monday, August 30, 2010

Results of Test Night

No idea. I assume that Mulligan will pass everyone regardless. We had a 4th kyu test, two 2nd kyu tests and a shodan test.

The 4th kyu test was interesting to watch. Out of all of the tests in some sense, it was the best. Why? Because I could see the improvement in this individual's practice. It was also obvious that he worked extra outside of classes on his test. Did he do everything 100% right. Nah. But he did well enough and certainly did well for him. The biggest surprise was they had him do some ukemi. This guy's ukemi was always pretty bad. He'd been practicing for quite a long while and never could do a forward roll. I've offerred to help him in the past a few times but he always refused. For his test he did a few passable forward rolls. It was excellent to see.

For one 2nd kyu tester I saw some good test techniques and a marginal randori. She's done a randori better in the past and she didn't just stand there fumbling or anything so she did fine. The other 2nd kyu tester's techiniques looked so so but he had a pretty good randori. What didn't I like about his techniques? By the time you hit 2nd kyu there should be a certain fluidity of movement. Techniques should be done without stop/starts in them. That doesn't mean you have to go fast, just continuously. I could almost see his mind working... foot goes there.... arms go there.

One thing that occurred to me. I was wondering if we quit the practice of doing a pretest before the exams.

EDIT: Someone asked..... The pretests are good because it proves that someone is ready for a test but also if there is a tweak that can be made it gives the tester plenty of time to work on issues.


At September 07, 2010 3:33 AM, Blogger uchi deshi said...

Sensei always does a pre-test for any yudansha test, but not for the kyu ranks. I usually do a pre-test for the kyu ranks, or I have someone else do it, but we can't tell Sensei, or she'll ask why we didn't tell her. Then, she'll say she doesn't do pre-tests for the kyu ranks anyway.

Thanks for your kind comment on the blog.


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