Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday Favorite

Mike decided out of the blue that we needed more practice for tai otoshi. Normally I do pretty well at this however last night I had a lot of trouble. My partner for most of it is a big relatively heavy guy. The technique called for us to set up in a typical judo style where we grab opposite elbow and lapel. From this static position I'm supposed to get someone moving. I was doing ok but my weight distribution was way off and I couldn't get my leg stuck out early enough. At the end I had more success as I slowed the technique down. I think my uke wasn't too happy with the falls. On his first throw as nage he was off balance, fell and somehow hurt his own knee. Although not badly. He said he thought it would be fine overnight.

Mike was going to continue this for another class. I'm going to see if I can grab a different partner to see if I get different results. I was throwing him but it wasn't a pretty fall.

My knee is somewhat better for some reason. I thought for sure I did some permanent damage in there but either I didn't or I did and tissue is building up and keeping everything in place or something. The knee feels fine every moment of the day. Only hurts when I put my full weight on it and turn. So backwards rolls or tenkans from the knees bother me. It's a lot less sensitive then it used to be. Who knows.... could be that in a year or so it will be all healed up.


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