Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some Beginners

We had a couple people from day one on the mat. We did some basic movement exercises. We did some shihonage variation which I liked. It reminded me of the kotagaeshi where uke is travelling in a line and you continue it. This was similar for this shihonage. Uke travels in a line and you allow him to continue it. We did some shihonage breakfalls. Interestingly enough, when Matt did his demo and I uke'd I felt him float me for this as well. So, as I'm breakfalling over, I feel him slide forward a bit which floated me out as I fell. Excellent.

The very last thing he had the advanced folks working on was a relatively simple taiotoshi. For some odd reason I was having problems last night getting this down. I also have the tendency to throw uke down for this. This is fine but the instructor was throwing people out and not down.

Someone came in with a bad knee last night. I asked him about it and he said that I landed on it last week. Someone else asked and again he said that I came down on his knee. Like somehow this was my fault. Dude.... I went where you threw me for taiotoshi. Straight down on top of your own leg. You got hurt because you didn't turn as far as you were supposed to. Instead of my maybe landing on the back of your leg with a bent knee. I got to land on the side of a leg that was extended out sideways. Any contact we had, stressed your knee joint. I have sympathy but that injury was self inflicted. I always say that 95% of the injuries I've seen in aikido have been self inflicted (not taking ukemi properly is the main reason). So take ownership of the mistake and move on.

As a side note I suggested to him that if it doesn't get better soon that he may need to have someone look at it to make sure there is no real damage there. Ligament/tendon damage takes lots longer to heal up then muscle.

One of the new people who took a class was a younger kid. Doing shihonage with him I had to get 'unreasonably low'.


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