Monday, October 04, 2010

Friday Night and Sunday Pete Classes

Mr. Mulligan was off on his yearly scaring of the fish this weekend. So Peter was kind enough to come in and teach the Friday night class.

Darned if I remember exactly what we did. If I remember I'll edit this post. I do remember enjoying the class quite a bit. I think we did some kaeshi-waza.

As for Sunday morning. Most of the attacks were shomenuchi. We did a series of techniques, udekiminage, koshinage, iriminage, shihonage, kotagaeshi..etc. The focus was going from one technique to the next and to not worry about hanmi.

Chris M. showed up on for the Sunday class which is unusual. It's really funny working with him and the other Chris at the same time. This Chris is always fighting, resisting and pushing. Whether he is nage or uke, lots of muscle being used. The other Chris is very soft. Sometimes too soft. Actually I had a talk with him about that. I expressed to him that he should trust my ukemi. That he should do a technique to completion and not ease up at the end. I'm not 100% sure but I started getting a little more effort from him. At one point he immediately put me down to the mat with a great nikkyo. I hit the mat with some speed because he was doing it correctly. Then he looked at me and apologized. Sigh.... dude... that's exactly what you should be doing. No apology needed. It's good for both of us when you do techniques correctly all the way through.


At October 04, 2010 2:49 PM, Blogger Scott Zrubek said...

That's one of the things I find most frustrating as an uke: tori's/nage's who constantly apologize.

If something went wrong and I got hurt, then you can apologize. Otherwise, it's all good.

At October 04, 2010 3:14 PM, Blogger Poxbox said...

Actually, this guy doesn't apologize often. He just typically doesn't finish the technique. I've been working on him for it but it's a habit he's had for a while. He thinks it's impolite to cause partners discomfort.
This was one of the first times he saw me move fast for him because I was feeling real technique. He has the ability, he just chooses not to use it.

This is why I asked him to trust my ukemi. Afterwards I gave him a thumbs up and asked him to keep doing it that way.

Nothing wrong with pushing someone within their limits. Also, better to develop correct habits.


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