Friday, October 29, 2010

Last Friday Hip-fest

So Friday night at Shodokan we have a fairly full mat. For whatever reason, Mr. Mulligan decides to do an entire night of hip throws. What's worse about it is that we are just supposed to lift and not throw. For whatever reason the partners I end up getting all have trouble judging and I have to work extra hard to not fall. Frequently I ended up taking my free hand and pushing against uke's hip.

By the time the class was over I noticed that my hip joint seemed a little worked. Never had that happen before. Must be a sign of age.
It feels ok today, a week later. Although frankly I'd like to do something not involving the hip tonight. Otoshi.... controls... whatever. We shall see.

Speaking of controls..... Monday night Matt at North Shore Aikikai had a great class with us doing a 1 handed nikkyo. Very tough to get.


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