Friday, October 29, 2010

Show Me When You are Nage Please

A couple of weeks back I had an interesting difference of opinion on a set of techniques with one of the other students.

A very experienced 1st kyu and I were taking the Sunday class. Peter had us doing henkawaza. So we are moving from one technique to the next.

For one set of exercises uke eventually ends up bent over. From there we are supposed to let uke up while taking them into sankyo. So, I get a sankyo and I let uke up. He doesn't try to rise. I say to him..... don't you want to get up? He says no. I attempt to encourage him to get up by showing him that I can atemi with my knee to his face (no I don't actually hit him). Still no reaction. So I use my sankyo control to get him up(which he can't ignore) and continue the technique.

On his turn he then attempts to show me his way of thinking. I was basically, brought down, not let up at all and was forced to move around quite a bit to keep up with him. From there he takes the sankyo and finishes. After which he gives me an extremely respectful bow. It wasn't abusive but it was very uncomfortable. Luckily, I was able to keep up as he mopped the floor with me some.

Interesting thought by him. I have a few thoughts of my own on that one though. I like to see how other people do their techniques because things can vary so much. His background was from the Chiba line I believe and they don't typically let uke up from this position I guess.

However, if he perceives a hole in my technique such as letting him up then I would rather he get up and show me by touching, tapping, gently hitting me somewhere. You should be a realistic uke. If I let you up(intentional or otherwise) you should get up. His opportunity to show how he would do the techniques can come on his turn. In my mind he is being a bad uke.

Overall, I've come to dislike his aikido. It's full of positive grabs and strength and relies less on his center and on kazushi. I guess the best way to say it is that he's not very flowy. I'm not saying his aikido is bad or wrong or anything. Just not my style.


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