Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Great Monday Class

Had a great class at North Shore Aikikai last night. Mike had us doing sumi-otoshi, udekiminage, some kind of kokyunage(the one where you step out after a tsuki, you take your right on his right hand and rotate his arm up and back and undercut as you take a knee), shihonage, kotagaeshi, wakigatme, taiotoshi, and some kind of mystery throw. I think he called it haraigoshi.

Check out the mystery throw here. It's in the list.

I was pitiful at it. But I may be having an 'a-ha' moment in what it looks like. Once I'm in that position I have to fight to not do a koshinage. Hearing Mike talk about it last night put it in a different light for me. Doesn't mean I'll be able to do it but I think my understanding of the throw is better now.

Why do I remember most of the throws where normally I forget? Because Matt wasn't in last night so I got to take ukemi for Mike's demos. I like feeling his aikido. He should mix in more.

The wakagitame was ridiculous. When Mike had that on me I had to move like heck and tap out fast.

Very sweet. Fun techniques.


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