Sunday, March 28, 2010

More Tsuki

We did nikkyo, shihonage, kotagaeshi. Later on Peter showed us a series of possible responses including a few different versions of koshinage. He says at the end of class to pick something and go with it. So I do a few. Then I decide to do one of the koshinage and ended up doing one I knew but was not one of the ones shown. Get uke in a nikkyo and as he comes up enter and throw. Then I managed one he showed us which was to do a sankyo, send uke around and do the koshinage.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hey... Check Out This Cool Blog!

Some of the video has unfortunately been removed. Some of it is there though. Still worth a look.

Feeling Good

Took two classes Friday night at Shodokan. Bob taught first class. Pretty much stuck with Ariel for my partner for most of the class. He's kind of tall so it's easy to get lazy and not bend your knees when you work with him. We did fine. Class started off with a hand grab nikkyo. Went to a shihonage then fell into a combination. Uke would yokomen one side, as nage steps back, uke strikes a yokomen with the other hand. Then we did a technique. After that we added a third attack in the sequence. Uke had to do a front kick. This meant nage had to enter and grab the leg. The ukemi for this is horrible. This is how I sprained my ankle (badly) last year. So, this wasn't particularly fun for me. Hey, not everything is going to be fun.

Occasionally Bob shows us something using a bokken. Sometimes to show how important it is to move offline. Even after all this time I still hesitate if I have a nice oak bokken in my hand. I'd feel bad clocking him. I like using a shinai for those demos. If I hit him with that, it will only suck. It won't likely require a trip to the hospital. So, I hesitate. Still, I really should trust him to get the hell out of the way. There is improvement however. I'm not afraid to hit him with my hand like I used to be. Getting hit with a hand doesn't do much damage usually. Hey... I don't like hurting people.... unless it's a nikkyo or something, then I enjoy it.

Mulligan taught the advanced class as usual. I stuck around for a second class this night. He had us doing soft kokyunage for the most part. Some of the kokyunage I just stare at and wonder what the heck. This set of kokyunage I probably got 80% - 90% of it generally right. Did lots better for these this particular night. Most of the kokyunage were in response to a punch to the face (jodan tsuki). He also asked us to give a realistic attack. Since I had Dave as a partner I wasn't too worried about hitting him. I knew he'd move out of the way. I was giving him a pretty fast attack.

At the end of class Mr. Mulligan told us to go at it freestyle with the same punch to the face attack. We both did pretty well at the end there. The only thing we seemed screw up was that we both needed yonkyo practice. Neither one of us was applying it well. On the drive home I'm pretty sure I figured out my problem. I know what Dave's was too as I know where he was applying pressure on me. I could feel where he was missing the nerve. The rest of the freestyle was very good though for both of us. I felt as though I was applying techniques fairly well with a minimum of effort. I did some kokyunage. Some from the class and others that we had done in the past (such as enter and pull/drag the shoulders back as you move behind uke). Another technique where you fade back and then with your hands, allow the punch to slide past. Then you bend the wrist and the elbow as you bring uke's arm in for something like a shihonage movement. I did not add the pressure point pinch for this. I got a couple different iriminage in. One was a direct entry. Tap the incoming arm so it is deflected just a little and then enter and iriminage. The other I did was more of a standard version. With all the iriminage practice we've had lately I was able to really get Dave's balance as he came down. When he came up I fisnished by aiming through him. That is an example of a technique that I did that didn't feel like much to me but seem to have a big affect on my uke. We did otoshi, koshinage, sankyo, udekimenage, kotagaeshi. We both even did a couple of chokes. One of my favorites I usually end up doing to Budy for some reason but seeing as he isn't around I slapped it on Dave. I enter quickly, put my arm around uke's neck and using the edge of my hand I apply pressure to the jawline pulling uke's head to one side. I use my other hand to grab his arm to aid in taking his balance. The only problem is that you HAVE TO take uke's balance. If you don't and you have an arm wrapped around him like that your likely going for a ride. I'm pretty good at this choke and most people tap pretty fast once I get it.

Next up I got all flowy for the heck of it and did some uchi kaitenage, and another where I pulled uke around for a sumi-otoshi... or did a tenkan, pull him around, j-step then enter uchi(under the arm) for a sankyo or kaitenage or something. My aikido felt really good for this session.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Class at Shodokan

Only had time for one class last night. Bob taught at Shodokan. We did a bit of ushiro attacks. Responding with kotagaeshi, shihonage, jujinage. One thing I didn't get quite right was I was going for the other hand for the kotagaeshi. Bob had showed it grabbing the other hand. Apparently you can do both. I'm sure if you dissected it there may be some martial reason why one is better than the other. Could be that it doesn't really matter as long as the flow is there. I was able to do it either way.

I was able to get the grips really well on the jujinage after some practice. Bob had some kind of movement involving his hip to draw uke across him. I wasn't able to replicate this easily.

Bummer for me. I likely won't get to class next monday. Worse still.... there is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend an amazing seminar at New England Aikikai this weekend. I will likely miss it. Unreal.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Had a Week Off

Had to take a week or so away from aikido. I went to a class on Friday and caught Sunday's class. Friday, Bob had us doing shihonage among other things. I really tried changing things a little bit to see how different approaches would affect things. I didn't feel up to taking the second class but I did decide to stay and watch.

I almost fell asleep in my chair watching a couple of times. I've been run ragged last week and it was showing. Most of the stuff I'm pretty sure I would have done without too much issue. There were one or two things being done that would have been very challenging for me. The best part was watching Tony beat the tar out of someone else for a change (in this case Dave). At the end of class was a freestyle chunk of time and that usually means hip throws, seoinage and so forth for Tony.

Sunday we did lots of techniques from a 2 handed grab. Nikkyo, kotagaeshi, shihonage, udekiminage. The kotagaeshi I found odd. Keep in mind we are doing the techniques to either grabbing hand. So I couldn't remember exactly how Peter got to a kotagaeshi position for both hands. I ended up making up all kinds of ways. All of them made sense. Some were more direct, some were less direct but more sticky as I had to get my hand around to the right spot. Peter let me flounder around for a while. I think sometimes he's just interested in seeing what I'll come up with. I hit one that apparently is a common way and he mentioned it. I did that one a few times before moving on to the next attempt at a version. I never did figure out which version he was doing. I swear I thought I was paying attention. Really!!

I guess I've been spending a lot of time lately changing little things to see what works best.

Friday, March 05, 2010

More Sword Disarms

I was only able to make it to the later class tonight. We went through the 5 sword disarms we covered in the past couple of weeks. We added 3 more. I was remembering most of the details from the previous ones. Somtimes it took several tries before I remembered some little detail.

As for the new ones. One was just to come in and do a kotagaeshi. The second involved raising the hilt while using the other hand to support the back of the blade as you cut up through uke. The third technique that I remember was a sankyo. You had to raise the hilt up as you slid your other hand under uke's wrists. Bring everything up towards you and reach up for the sankyo grip. Have to remember to stand in front of uke for this.

After this we did some tenchinage a couple of different ways. We also worked on affecting uke's posture with small hand movements getting uke to actually fall. One of the simpler ones was to draw uke in just a bit and lay the back of your hand onto uke's wrist, (out to the side). Use very little strength and uke will still fall.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Another Freestyle Practice

Bob taught the first class at Shodokan. I seem to remember doing lots of iriminage. At one point we did the suwari waza version. I had one side that was slightly better but this improved overall for some reason. I found that doing a tenkan for this technique easier than it used to be. At the end of class we were doing moretetori kokyuho. My partner at that point asked me to give him lots of resistance. He tends to give lots himself when he is uke so he is fun to practice with. I went real slow at one point to let him feel what I was doing as he said he wanted to 'watch'.

Headed over to North Shore Aikikai afterwards.
Mike had us do another round of freestyle practice. This time instead of tsuki, he had us attacking with yokomenuchi. The responses were any direction for shihonage and udekimenage. One thing I realized right away was that for me, ura versions of either of these techniques feel very similar. Yet the ukemi is in a totally different direction. That makes it particularly hard on uke when you are going at any speed. I was super concerned about my elbows for this one.

I found it much more difficult to aim my uke's with shihonage than with anything we've done so far. I did ok for my turn. People were pressing me less which was probably necessary for this one.

It just goes to show that depending on the responses is how dynamic the freestyle can be. Last week was more dynamic. I think if we did kotagaeashi it could have opened up the freestyle some(as most of us would breakfall for it).

Ok... This is Different

Pretty colors......
The Trail one is kind of cool.

While I'm at it..... check out this video. I've never seen anyone bend their knees quite this much.