Monday, January 31, 2011

More Fun On Sunday

No idea why more people don't take the Sunday morning class. The past few classes has pretty much just been Chris and I so Peter had us working on Kaeshiwaza.

The last time was reversing shihonage and turning it into kotagaeshi, nikkyo, sankyo...etc. At one point he asked us to noodle around with it some and I of course couldn't resist trying out a taiotoshi. I found a cool way of getting there. Very early on as you are reversing the shihonage, you tenkan, get a grip and extend uke forward so he is floating forward, step in front of him at an angle and throw. Peter wanted to feel it so he worked in. He was curious how 'real' it was. It seemed a valid way to get there. From your partners perspective, you feel like you have him and then as he tenkans(fivekan maybe) some and leads you forward, you have to let go and you have nothing and your partner is behind you. Then you are being floated forward for the throw. It was working pretty well.

Last Sunday we moved on to henkawaza. We were doing a lot of shomenuchi attack, starting with nikkyo and going to various other techniques. Sankyo, udekimenage, kotagaeshi, iriminage, shihonage...etc. It was a lot of fun.


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