Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sunday Was a Humbling Experience

Peter taught Sunday morning at Shodokan. For a change of pace he decided to do knife disarms. However, after a few run throughs, he had us doing it with just a little bit of resistance. It was brutal. Now... of course uke knows what's coming so he knows exactly how to counter but even still it was just rough. I instantly found about a half dozen possible holes in my technique.

For a yokomen strike I wasn't letting the strike develop and used my (heavy)hand to block, cut down and off balance uke. However, if I didn't off balance, because I didn't have anything, uke can just take the knife and slice you.

We moved on for disarming bokken which had similar but results but not quite as bad. By the time we hit the jo disarms, I was settled in better. I was able to take what I was given and change to something else.

This was an essential class. Just when you think that you have a 50/50 shot at disarming someone if you really had to, you find that percentage less likely to occur without some kind of injury.

There is one thing however, we had to be concerned about not actually breaking uke's elbows and so forth. We were trying to do the disarms with straight technique. Very good class.


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