Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fun Morning

Really wished I got to see the tests Friday night. It would have been nice. In any case, I got to class this morning. Peter had us working on wrong sided attacks. Since you never really know how you will be attacked he wanted us to practice dealing with attacks from the 'wrong' side when you are in a particular hanmi. It focused for the most part on possibilities you may want to do during randori. Later on you could attack on any side you liked.

I usually do fine on wrong sided attacks. I just deal with it. I do have to say though that at one point I lost focus and just reacted to an incoming attack. Rather than doing the prescribed response, I just started going into nikkyo, changed it to sankyo and then did a throw all the while muttering out loud about how this is not what we are doing. Peter was smiling at me. What I did was fine for a response but it wasn't what I should have done. I stayed more focused and got it right the rest of the time. This kind of random response from me is only ok because I know my uke is very experienced and can follow it fine.

We were doing kotagaeshi at one point. I extended the arm of my uke out before doing the throw because I wanted to throw him in a particular direction. My uke just stood there and when I threw he was letting me know that his wrist was too tight. I told him I was sorry if I hurt him but I expected him to actually move and not just stay there. Sometimes for some of these throws you have to take a step or slide a bit to get into a better position to take the ukemi. Standing there like an ox is not always the best bet. So after that I loosened up on him a bit. Maybe when I get a chance I can talk to him about how to take the ukemi better(if he's interested).


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