Thursday, March 31, 2011

Looking For The Float

Went to NSA last night for a class. Rob taught. We focused a bit on a couple of reponses to a yokomen strike. As usual there was a lot of focus on getting kazushi.

I had a problem with my atemi. Apparently, I was not delivering my atemi with enough real intent. I thought I was past this but I guess not. I still don't want to hit people. I have to trust my partners to move. It's not like we are moving real fast and it would hurt or anything. Maybe I'm just subconciously being overly cautious because I poked Rob in the eye a month or so ago.

One of the techniques had me fighting muscle memory. Rob had us doing a version of udekimenage that was interesting. Rather than taking the step he had us square off our stance and push the hand as we moved uke forward.

At the end of class we did a few minutes of freestyle. For whatever reason I wasn't being overally careful about allowing people to get behind me. I just wasn't even trying to treat it as a freestyle. Not sure how I got into that mindset. I was at one point purposely throwing multiple uke's at Matt. Just as an exercise. There may be a time where you just don't want to deal with one particular person. I didn't get stuck with one technique which is fine but it was less flowy than I usually manage.

Jim helped me add up hours. Just at NSA alone I had about 85 hours built up. I have twice that many at Shodokan. So, although I have plenty of hours for the second kyu test(you need 200), it's not quite as bad as I thought. I could have tested about 5 months ago. I thought it was worse. Still not sure what to do about testing. I took my last test 2 years back before Shodokan moved to Beverly and the paperwork still hasn't been submitted. I have doubts that it ever will. However, if I don't test than the clock won't start ticking for 1st kyu. Bummer.


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