Monday, March 21, 2011

Mixed Class Sunday

One of our newer students came to Sunday morning. So, Peter broke us up and had us rotating in and out with him. For the most part he worked on ikkyo, nikkyo, sankyo, and shihonage. He had us working on kaeshiwaza. We did a bunch of reversals off of shomenuchi ikkyo.

The newer guy I believe is in his 60's with a background in karate. During my turns with him I tried to get him to loosen up and tried to get him to work on his ukemi. In my mind he needs that more than the technique. He's really stiff and was resisting some. I talked to him about it and suggested that he may not want to resist yet because that means that someone has to overcome it or do something else to him. I told him the resistance is good practice for later after you've had a good chunk of time on the mat and your ukemi is better. My goal was to get him to take care of himself so he doesn't get hurt. He was much improved by the end of class. A little looser and less resistant. If he keeps it up he'll be less likely to injure himself.


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