Monday, March 21, 2011

Yonkyo Night

Friday night was yonkyo night..... All night. Mr. Mulligan had us doing yonkyo techiques all night. This was one of the first classes where I was pretty much getting it every time. Big improvement on my yonkyo.

Unfortunately, I went through an uke or two on these. Everyone has different levels of tolerance for this. I had Buddy as my first uke. We were both doing a good job at getting the yonkyo. After 30 minutes or so he says to sensei. "How about a break?" "Can we do something else?" Sensei responded with... "Oh... we're just getting started." You change partners. So I was assigned a different partner. The thing with yonkyo is that you get sensitized to it. If you get a few good ones then you feel everything. I was getting good ones on her. After a while she moved on and changed partners. Then I got Tony. We worked together. I got him to start finding the yonkyo spot. By the end of class he was getting good ones on me.

This is 3 days later and although the bruising was worse yesterday, I still have a bruise on my left wrist from that class. Almost nothing on my right side.

That was a great class. Really got to work on something that needed it.


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