Thursday, June 16, 2011

Did She Just Say "Sixes"?

Been having lots of good classes. Sunday mornings with Peter have been exceptional.

Last week Shira taught another class at North Shore Aikikai. We focused on three techniques mostly from tsuki. sumiotoshi, kotagaeshi, and kaitenage. There were varying levels of experience in the class so Shira kept me paired up with one of the more experienced students. We usually take turns. You do 2 then I do 2. Shira comes up to us and tells us to do 6's. Uhh... ok. So I do 6 and then he does 6.

So we start off doing the sumiotoshi. Then Shira has us add the next technique and then the next one. By the end of class, Chris and I were tossing each other with any of the three techniques.

It was a fun class because I was able to let go more than I usually do. My partners ukemi was up to the speed up and the repeated techniques. There aren't too many fellow students in either dojo where I practice that can handle going half speed.

I'm not usually concerned with going fast as I am more interested in doing things correctly however, at the pace we set (and going in 6's) I got a nice workout for a change.

My partner was tiring a bit toward the end. We talked a bit after class. He told me something interesting. He says he feels a knot in his center when he's practicing and doing well. I'm the opposite. If anything, I have to say that I feel energy just flowing through me. Like it was going from one place to another and I just happen to be in between.