Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Monday Night Double Header

Due to family, I haven't been able to do a double monday class for the past few weeks. I was able to this week.

I got to Shodokan and Serge was teaching. Serge had an interesting opening he was having us focus on. For whatever reason, he asked me to take ukemi for him for demonstrations for the whole class (which is fine by me).

Anyway... the opening was interesting. I'm not sure someone would have kazushi using it but if somehow you ended up in this position there were many... many responses you could use.

So we went through a whole bunch. Serge moved around and worked with each of us. This is necessary since he's blind and can only give corrections by working with you. I noticed he was able to figure out who was working with whom by listening to their ukemi. I guess some of us are louder than others.

After this I headed off to North Shore Aikikai for another class. A good number of folks showed up for class. We ended up switching partners around a bit. In general I tried to pick the newer people to work with. Some people learn faster when they work with more experienced people. I took ukemi for demos a few times here.

I keep reminding myself to grab a camara and bring it in. I have no idea what I look like.


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