Friday, October 14, 2011

Class 4 Of The Week - Friday Night

Well... Somehow I got to 4 classes this week. Tonight Bob taught. We did some sumiotoshi, ushiro jujinage, kaitenage, sankyo, and more. We did most of the techniques in a line all night. The line was short enough to keep things moving. The advanced class only had about 6 people tonight.

At the end of the night we did some freestyle practice. I feel as though I did much better for this one then the last time. I was aware of where people were, generally threw my uke at someone to tie them up, and adjusted my position on the mat when necessary to keep my ukes lined up. I only did one 'surprise' technique. Usually for this exercise to keep people safe they limit the attacks and responses to things we did that night. At times I am all over the place just doing whatever. Tonight I managed to keep it to what we were doing in class. The only 'new' technique I did was udekimenage when someone attacked very quickly and I just reacted. His energy/line of attack/whatever just fell right into it. I paused a short moment to let my uke get his bearings before I completed the technique.

Had a good class overall.


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